Representing Clients Throughout Indiana. Call Today: 317-636-0686

Representing Clients Throughout Indiana. Call Today: 317-636-0686

Thanks for looking at my website. I want to keep this simple.

I have been a solo practitioner lawyer in Indiana since mid-May 1976. Almost all of my practice has been concentrated on issues concerning lawyers. I mostly work with clients who have problems with their lawyers, usually either malpractice or attorney fees. I also help lawyers with ethical concerns. Rarely, I defend lawyers in malpractice cases. I have rendered professional services as an expert for clients or for lawyers. More information about me is elsewhere on this website.

Most cases involving lawyers are not simple, contrary to what most callers think. So part of my efforts is to understand an inquiry and to form some opinion about how complex a potential case might be.

I try to get a good and fair outcome for each client relative to the client’s objective and the context of the circumstances of the case. I think that I am a good listener.

I will not be obligated to be anyone’s attorney in any judicial proceeding unless the client and I have signed a contract for such representation. A written contract may also be required for analytical work. The fee arrangement might be a percentage fee, it might be an hourly-rate based fee, or it might be a combination.

Now, if the above commentary coincides with your concern, please contact me. Here’s my landline office phone number: 317-636-0686. If you leave a voice mail, I will call you back within 24 hours. If I do not, call me again. Or you can send me an e-mail at [email protected]

It is that simple.

A Legal Malpractice Advocate Since 1976

Indiana’s Respected Legal Malpractice Advocate Since 1976

Not sure if you have a valid claim? Let’s talk: 317-636-0686.